AI Revolution in News And Media

From my recent discussions with my friends in News and Media Publishing sector, I conclude that all of them are facing the following challenges:

  • Low mobile app adoption and high uninstall rates.
  • Getting more extensive adoption
  • Low traffic to websites and youtube channels.
  • High noise social media presence with no personalization
  • Retention rates are declining
  • Web/email was over-utilized with diverging degrees of effectiveness.
  • How a News/ Media/ Vlogger/ Blogger is going to face these challenges? Early adopters are shifting towards chatbots to stay connected with their customers. Chatbots are revolutionizing News and Media sector. You can use News Chatbots to get news, information and YouTube videos in a very personalized way than any news app able to provide. Top News Chatbot platforms are Facebook Messenger and Telegram as well as on voice-activated devices like Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home.

    With Facebook's new capabilities for businesses and publishers on Messenger, enabling users to chat with news channels to get breaking news and personalized content. News Channels can these chatbots can be used to interact with users in a natural and human-like way. If someone subscribes chatbot, they can receive a daily notification of the top contents within the messenger app itself. The recommendation systems in these chatbots will recommend personalized content based on user’s preferences and past activities. News Chatbot gives a more personalized experience to each user. This could help media publishers increase customer engagement as well as customer retention.

    News chatbot allows users to message required topics like “World News” or “Entertainment” and the chatbot will respond with the most relevant information and contents.

    Chatbots help publishers and media companies to achieve greater scale and control with less manpower.

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