BELLO COM chatbots are becoming a phenomenal tool taking over customer interactions and mainstream digital advertising in E commerce.


Multi Channel Access

BELLO BOT is the future of E-commerce, which opens a new channel for selling the products online. BELLO BOT interacts with its customers through their websites, Facebook messenger or any other messaging apps.

Makes Customers Comfortable

Generally, for many retailers or business owners, it’s hard to keep all their customers equally. They often depend on some service agents or call centres for customer support and engagement. BELLO BOT provides you with that service where you failed to do, It will bridge the gap of personalization that customers face in online shopping.


Customers want it

Customers need the websites they visit should treat them like an old mate. BELLO BOT will provide a conversational assistant, which can acknowledge the shopper’s intent and personalize the recommendations that are provided to the shopper.

Disrupting Coversational Commerce


Customer Support

Respond to customer queries more efficiently and quickly in a cost-effective way.



Increase revenue by encouraging customers and through proper customer support.


Save Time

Set up auto-responders to provide automated personalized replies to the most common questions.


Product Guidance

Chatbots can help such customers find the exact product they are looking for.


Reduced Costs

Requires less human support, allow customers to drive your focus on more critical aspects.


Cart Recovery

Remind customers about items in their abandoned shopping cart and proceed towards checkout.

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