Connecting The Dots

“Entrepreneurship”, the buzzword of all the time. Many of you dream about your own startup. Few will make it, few will drop it on half the way because they are not daring enough to take risks.

The shift from a mediocre Engineering Degree holder who actually doesn’t know anything about engineering pretended to be a master of all trades in front of all the interviewers to CEO of a tech startup who realizes a need for continuous learning did not happen in an overnight. From the past 2.5 years, I got a clear perception that entrepreneurship is not that much easier as we look from outside.

Entrepreneurship itself requires you to work several years for little to no pay. You should be ready to quit your 9.00 am to 5.00 pm job that keeps you in your comfort zone to work 24/7. People will always try to tear you down but you have to keep the composure. Your personal life will suffer sometimes but you should able to pass your courage and confidence in your decision making to your family as well. Last but not least you should always ready to fail at any point in your journey and always try to learn from your failure without saying, “this failure is the end of the world”.

By reading all the above, even if you are an aspiring entrepreneur for several years, now you may think that ‘entrepreneurship is entirely out my league’. But you have to see the other side of the coin too. As an entrepreneur you are always working for yourself rather than working for someone else to make their dream fulfilled, you are building your own dreams, you can scale your income and build multiple income streams, you are always independent and you work to live on your dreams every day not to live on the weekends.